Relate Rate Redefine



… Relationism, Semantics, FuzzyLogic

Simplex, integral and distributed crowdsourcing

Give yourself finer views, matches and decissions makings


Meanings, Truths and Loves always come within a dynamic relation. Relate all because all is related. Let’s expand subjectivities while interacting with the recommenders we more wish


What calls our attention reflect our Values. Anything can be plurally and partially r(el)ated. Rates are hotter relations. More emojis and metric axis care creates a richer and more artistical impact


Favouring something makes us wiser at defining it deeper. A simple relation and or rate can be complexized with a simple Why and also with more custom epistemic or banal labels

FUZZY is more Clear

Key sources mean better resources

An improved relation with content is a good addon for anyone’s life. Information management is one of the biggest 21stcentury challenges. FUZZY attends that challenge and offers to (re)create content through improved relationing.

The FUZZY model serves to create and categorize relations, extend them as rates and with further descriptive labels and later share them customized.

FUZZY it’s very flexible to adapt and so it’s planned to be used through different applications. One target is develop OMNI, an space for users and platforms share their FuZZYed contents more easily. An advanced prototipe is a browser pluggin to markup content (ala WYSIWYG) with different sets of relational and descriptive categories for thereafter share that information into more friendly renderers and networks.


See some guided tours and links to documents to know more in depth about the FUZZY project itself


Practice with short tests as very humble demonstrations of what we mean doing with FUZZY


Care about how you want to store, visualize and share your relational data

Get it

Do you want to enjoy your life more FUZZY? Enhace your projects with a FUZZY review or addon?

Clarify the Fuzz from your interactions andor directly create new content with the FUZZY way.

Web scraper Browser pluggin

Remember So imagine one wih finer categorizations and custom displays. A WYSIWYG like tool to RelateRateRedefine (parts of) the Web and else to later host&share that into different possible places.

Bundles & Modules

Get a list of premade FUZZYs categories and other addons for a more user friendly andor customized experience of creating with FUZZY.

See also a list for downloading other ways to use FUZZY in different applications.

Documentation & Support

Learn more about both the technicalities and get more involved in making FUZZY more present.


News & Reviews


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